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Airfit Double Sliding Sleeve Plus.

The problem with standard
double sliding sleeves.


Every fitter knows the problem!

When installing conventional double sliding sleeves,

it is hard to gain purchase to push it back and your grip

is constantly slipping. Using a hammer or mallet dents the seal grooves. These crack and burst.

The solution: Airfit Double Sliding Sleeve Plus.

Thanks to the two solid stop collars, it is no problem to apply a crowbar or a pipe and then the Airfit Double Sliding Sleeve Plus can easily be pushed onto the end of a pipe.





















• No more damaging seal grooves.

• No more hairline cracks caused by impacts.

• Permanently sealed.

• Low risk of warranty claims.

• Less consequential damage.

• Less stress with planners, architects, authorities and developers.

• Made from environmentally sound PP.

• High resistance to impacts, even at low temperatures.


Problem solved.

of PP

Hairline cracks appear and

widen over time.

The next leak test of the ground pipes involves significant costs and extensive clean-up work.


A lot of planners and architects no longer accept conventional sliding sleeves!



In the building
 EN 1451-1



DN 110 + 26mm*

Item no. 30110HT

DN 125 + 24mm*

Item no. 30125HT

DN 160 + 46mm*

Item no. 30160HT

Fire performance: tested according to DIN 4102-B2, EN 13501-1-E, EN 11925-2


*Longer than required by EU standard

For underground pipes

EN 1852

DN 110 + 18mm*

Item no. 30110KG

DN 110 + 18mm*

Item no. 31110KG

DN 125 + 14mm*

Item no. 30125KG

DN 250 + 14mm*

Item no. 31125KG

DN 160 + 28mm*

Item no. 30160KG

DN 160 + 28mm*

Item no. 31160KG