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The pipe stopper
For pipes with an external diameter of 100 to 110 mm with a wall thickness of up to 6 mm.


For retrofitting to all drain pipes as a cleaning aperture; for indoor and outdoor use. Closes permanently; water- and gas-tight.

The Airfit pipe stopper is a must in any service vehicle!

Repairing drilled or damaged 
pipes is no problem at all.


Item no. 4000G



Item no. 4000S


Item no. 4000W


circle cutter Ø 76 mm

HSS bimetallic, complete, for plastic and metal. When working on metal pipes, use lower speed

and cutting oil.

Item no. 21076KS

Use a circular cutter to cut
a Ø 76 mm hole and screw
the pipe stopper into place.

Black PE rain standpipe with pipe stopper
Ø 110 - Longeur 1m -

Item no. 4002PE

PE pipes EN 1519

Galvanized steel
Ø 108 - 110 mm

PE Black

Ø 110 mm

HT Grey
Ø 110 mm

Ø 110 mm

An edge profile is supplied to protect the pipe wall when cleaning with a spiral.

the problem!

the solution!

The benefits of PE pipes:
• UV- and weather-resistant • Frost-proof even when filled • Impact- and crack-resistant • Does not dent  • Practically unbreakable

... no cleaning aperture!

1) The pipe stopper • 2) Drill hole Ø 76 mm • 3) Deburr • 4) Fit edge profile, clean • 5) Fit pipe stopper • 6) Tighten screw READY!



6 turns to the left and push screw to the stop. Pull out pipe stopper..


*The Airfit pipe stopper is made of PP and exhibits normal flammability according to DIN 4102 B2